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Backhoe Loader Hidromek

Backhoe loaders produced at HİDROMEK's facilities with the latest technology ensure maximum performance and durability with their powerful engine and heavy duty construction. Backhoe loaders having versatile usage offer a comfortable working environment through its easily controlled features and ergonomic cabin.


The Newest and The Best Solution For Your Work!


HİDROMEK’s fourth generation backhoe loaders new K4 Series are your new assistants at your work with their perfect digging and loading performance. K4 Series backhoe loaders drawing attention with their innovations and superior technology offer high performance with easy and safe usage and comfortable cabin in the fields and in the city.


K4 Series, designed for severe geographical conditions and heavy working conditions, increases your productivity with its strong structure and efficient hydraulic system providing maximum breakout force even at lower revolutions and having high oil flow.

HİDROMEK K4 Series backhoe loaders facilitating works in excavation, infrastructure, superstructure, agriculture, forestry, landscaping and industrial areas thanks to their use with different attachments such as leveling shovel, forklift, hammer, auger, log, pendulum bucket, snow plow, scrap and paper collection bucket, bottom opening (big bag) bucket, stone collecting bucket, trapeze bucket, ripper and polyp attachment provide the benefits you expect.

20% Faster
K4 series backhoe loaders with accelerated movements through improved loader cylinder design do a lot of work in a short time during loading and unloading operations.

3% More Efficient
K4 Series backhoe loaders produce more work with less fuel as a result of the improvements made in cylinder design.


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